Tia Cuca’s Incredibly Easy Postre de Mango


You see, when one has a genuine passion for cooking it comes through in the food.  There is no amount of salt, or spices or finishing oils that can complete a dish the way passion can.  And Tia Cuca has a passion for cooking.  Her dishes are known and envied throughout inner circles.  Her talent is on par with any chef out there.

So on top of recreating traditional masterpieces with exact precision time after time after time, she is also a master of invention.  One of her exquisite inventions is a creamy, luscious, sweet, tangy dessert made with mango and condensed milk.  It is easy to make and yet so delicious.  This dessert takes all of ten minutes to make and looks rich and decadent.  It was something I requested every time I saw her and I happily ate bowls of it when I was young.  Now, I get to recreate it, and hopefully, do it justice.


-3 mangoes, peeled;

-5 tablespoons of condensed milk;

-3 generous pinches of salt;

– ¼ teaspoon of lemon juice;

– water;


Dice one of the mangoes into ¼ inch cubes and place in a medium-sized bowl.

chopped mango

Rough chop the remaining two mangoes and place in blender.  Add remaining ingredients, except for water, and blend on high until smooth.  If consistency is too thick slowly add water to blender and blend until mixed thoroughly.  The end result should have a thick, pudding like texture.  Fold into diced mangoes and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes.  See told you it was easy.


2 thoughts on “Tia Cuca’s Incredibly Easy Postre de Mango

  1. Wow – so simple, but I can totally see this working!!! I usually blend together mango and silky tofu, but I love this idea!

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