Pepino con Chile Paletas (Cucumber & Chile Popsicles)


Paletas are a gift from the heavens. Nothing is better on a warm day (but let me tell you they are not too shabby on a cold day either). Paletas are made using either a milk or water base, fruit and sweetener. Just like that. It really could not be any easier. Mix everything together, pop in the freezer and a few hours later you have an amazing treat.

Rather than going the sticky sweet route this recipe is more refreshing and mellow. The mixture of cucumber and lemon with chile creates this slightly sweet and spicy treat. A perfect way to cool down.


– 2 cucumbers, peeled;
– ½-1 lemon;
– salt;
-chile pepper;
– sugar;


Using a juicer or blender juice the cucumbers. Strain if desired.


Stir together the cucumber, lemon, salt, chile pepper and sugar (all to taste). Pour into popsicle molds and stick in freezer until frozen.

juice mold

To serve: take molds out of freezer and let sit for about five minutes.

frozen mold

Pop out and enjoy.

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