Mexican Brownies


Time for dessert.  Then again it is always time for dessert?  It is hard to resist ending a meal without having something sweet so why not end it with brownies.  Not just any brownies, Mexican brownies.  They are a bit of a cheat but the end result is still delicious.  I use store bought brownie mix (I know, I know) to make these extra special brownies.  A simple addition of cinnamon and cayenne pepper turn them into an incredible dessert.  Top them with cajeta, a goat’s milk caramel, or dulce de leche and you get these wonderful slightly hot, spicy, sweet, chocolaty brownies that are heavenly.  Nirvana is a good way to explain the result.


– 1 13×9 pan of brownie batter (any kind will do-homemade, vegan, out of the box, etc.);
-2 teaspoons of cinnamon;
– ¾ teaspoon of cayenne pepper;
-chocolate chips (optional)
– Cajeta or dulce de leche;


Make brownies according to package or homemade recipe.  Add the cinnamon and cayenne pepper to the dry ingredients as the batter is being prepared.  Pour batter into baking dish (13×9) and, if using, sprinkle chocolate chips on top.


Place in oven and bake according to instructions (usually 20-30 minutes).

out of oven

Once cooled swirl, slather, zigzag, draw circles, whatever with the cajeta or dulce de leche.

with cajeta

Devour.  Share with others or tell them you ruined the batch and secretly keep all the brownies to yourself [insert sinister laugh here]. Brownies taste even better the next day, I swear.


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