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Where does stimulus money come from|Coronavirus Stimulus Bill Standoff: Paid Sick Leave, A

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Mar 22 - Can someone explain where does the MONEY for this ...

Do those that don’t file income tax.Do they get a rebate? Thank you.I’m serious.I recommend using the official stimulus rebate calculator for a better idea of how much you might receive.

Anonymous said… Hi, I’m the “Anonymous” who wants to work a little bit, or sell a tiny supply of goods, like flowers or strawberries to earn a few hundred a month.We file our taxes jointly, will I still qualify for any money?.But investors have been so safety conscious of late, they’ve been willing to take almost no interest at all to stow their dough in Treasuries.” – Paul Solman.

Is there a coronavirus number two coming behind it? We don’t know..It depends on his earnings (over $3k), and whether or not he was listed as a dependent on someone else’s taxes.I only get 17 dollars in food stamps and I pretty much use it for her.

Erica: Here is the most current information that I have for the 2009 economic stimulus: 2009 Economic Stimulus Personal Tax Breaks..When that happens, they lay off their employees and those employees further reduce spending.Because of this, businesses are discouraged from expanding and going out on new ventures and the investments in the above equation goes down as well..

free stimulus money available nowStimulus Check Definition - Investopedia

The factors which might produce another stimulus check could include:."The unemployment system that exists is woefully inadequate for the circumstance that we're under.Not on luxuries but on mere survival–food and perhaps some winter clothes from Good Will.

My husband and I filed our taxes direcy deposit.Ron, as much as the government wants people to go out and spend money to help the economy, I can’t help but think that on a macro scale, debt reduction is just as good, if not better then outright spending – especially if that spending means taking on more debt.

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How does this work for people who are claimed as dependents on other people’s tax return? My parents get and additional $300 and I get nothing?.Getting money into the consumers hands is the big problem.Infrastructure and health care projects, to give just two examples, take time to get off the ground.

Buffalo-area residents were paid $45 each to record their daily smoking usage through an automated phone hotline..Another $141 billion was spent on health services and $97 billion on education.

stimulus money 2019[Serious] Where does the money for 2 trillion in economic ...

I was not always in the situation where I have suffered financial hardship so I am insulted when people say well you shouldnt have kids then.That has nothing to do with it.Do some families deserve to suffer if there is an instant death that was unplanned and then they are about to lose everything? No.There may be other factors that came into play (such as capital losses or other factors).I imagine it may take several weeks or more for this to get worked out, and it the tax return or rebate has already been paid it may be too late for this year..

I would think that would be enough, but you may want to check out the IRS site to make sure.Additionally, tax and spending policies can affect economic growth in other ways, such as by increasing productivity or putting resources to more-efficient uses.Some believe stimulus spending is the mechanism by which the Federal Reserve injects new dollars into the economy.

Come on we were paying nearly 5$ a gallon at one time , I see at as it was our savings account.

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