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Ranking every WrestleMania main event, from worst to best

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Wrestlemania 31 match card - 2020-05-04,Kansas

This was Rusev's first pinfall loss in WWE since he debuted in the main roster in April 2014.Stephanie gets in her face and runs her mouth.Rollins realizes J&J have been taken out.

They lock up again and Triple H applies a headlock.Rusev with a huge suplex from the mat and another 2 count.– After the match, Orton is hype from how he hit the RKO.

After a staredown between the two, Strowman tossed Big Show before being eliminated himself by a group of wrestlers.Roddy Piper walks up and does the same.But yeah, Dolph and Bryan headbutt each other until one of them falls.

Wwe wrestlemania 31 - 2020-04-16,Maryland

The DX music hits and out comes Sean “X-Pac” Waltman, Road Dogg and Billy Gunn as there’s no DQ.Maybe they finally have a reason to be motivated.Reigns hooks the leg and Lesnar kicks out! Lesnar counters Reigns and connects with an F5. .

Wrestlemania 31 review - 2020-03-12,Vermont

These matches would have had fans thinking about those in the show’s 31-year history that have had them on the edge of their seats when their favourites overcame the odds or their icons put on one last spectacle.– We get a video package for the next match.Big Show works on Titus in the corner.

At that point, it was down to just the three of them.Raw Tag Team Championship: Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder def.But as confetti fell, Triple H -- the referee for the match -- executed his master plan and blindsided Bryan with a pedigree, allowing Randy Orton to snatch the title away, establishing The Authority in the process.

Cena tells Rusev that he can't see Cena, and he follows up with the five knuckle shuffle.Samoa Joe got his first taste of championship gold as part of SmackDown Live last month when he defeated R-Truth, Andrade and his opponent tonight, Rey Mysterio in a fatal 4-way to capture the United States Championship.

wrestlemania 31 full

WWE Wrestlemania 31 Full Show part 3 (4) - video dailymotion

Wrestlemania 31 full - 2020-05-05,Kentucky

Has @WWERollins EVER been more ready for a FIGHT than in this very moment?! #WrestleMania pic.twitter.com/qekG1QE7Ab.From there, the pain only worsened.Predictions & Winner: Now this is an intriguing main event.

No Holds Barred Match -- Roman Reigns def.Stephanie tells Ronda that this isn’t the Octagon, this is the Squared Circle.The Undertaker Talks Fans Being Angry With Him Breaking Character After 30 Years.

Show goes for a chokeslam, but Mizdow with a front gulliotine.Despite the bell signaling the start of the match at midnight ET Monday morning, the crowd was still as enthusiastic as it was at any other point when Lynch managed to pin Rousey -- closing out a show in which the audience also got a feel-good Universal championship win from Seth Rollins to open the show and a WWE championship win from Kofi Kingston, as well.

Wrestlemania 31 review - 2020-03-12,Wyoming

The victory made Orton a 13-time WWE world champion. .Paige sent Brie to the steps late, and AJ got her black widow submission on Nikki for the win.Cesaro eliminates Sin Cara.

One of the Matadores tagged himself in and Cesaro threw one of the Usos across the Spanish Announce Table.Bryan comes in and takes out Barrett. We get an overhead shot of the crowd, and it's pretty amazing.

It may be #FallsCountAnywhere, but @mikethemiz wants to make sure @shanemcmahon has NOWHERE TO GO at #WrestleMania 35! 😱 pic.twitter.com/ArYdP1ePJH.Triple H grabbed his sledgehammer from Gunn, while Hall tossed a Baseball Bat to Sting.Taker scoops Wyatt and nails Snake Eyes.

Wrestlemania 31 undertaker - 2020-03-10,Wyoming

WWE Backlash 2018 Match Card – Stipulation Announced for WWE Title Match.We come back to Levi’s Stadium and Howard Finkel introduces Rikishi, Larry Zbyszko, Alundra Blayze, Steve Michalek, The Bushwhackers, Tatsumi Fujinami, Lanny Poffo, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Kevin Nash, who got to come out to the nWo theme music.

wwe wrestlemania 31

WrestleMania 31: The top 10 greatest WWE matches on the ...

Wrestlemania 31 review - 2020-03-25,Oregon

Kane slams his hand on the door and tells her this office is off limits.But it was the finish that made this match somewhat chaotic match so good, including good attention to the tiny details.After Lesnar barely avoided being counted out, Reigns performed three Superman punches and two consecutive spears, on Lesnar for a near-fall.

Epic surprises, epic entrances, great in-ring action.– We get a video package for the next match.In a Retirement Match, The Ultimate Warrior defeated “Macho King” Randy Savage where Miss Elizabeth made a special appearance.

Winners and still WWE Tag Team Champions: Cesaro & Tyson Kidd by pinfall.Create a commenting name to join the debate.The referee counts them both now.

Watch wwe wrestlemania 31 - 2020-05-24,Kansas

Rollins went to the top rope for his big splash, but Orton dodged it.Rollins went to the top rope for his big splash, but Orton dodged it.

Wrestlemania 31 review - 2020-05-05,Oregon

Superkick by Kidd to Jimmy.Jimmy Uso put in some work as the only Uso twin to be present.John Cena became WWE Champion for the 11th time.

Sandow eliminates Alex Riley.Our journalists will try to respond by joining the threads whenthey can to create a true meeting of independent Premium.– We go back to the panel for more discussion and hype for tonight’s pay-per-view.

It was the first WrestleMania event to be held in the San Francisco Bay Area, the sixth to be held in the state of California (after 2, VII, XII, 2000, and 21), and the sixth to be held in an open-air venue (after IX, XXIV, XXVI, XXVIII, and 29).AJ gets the Black Widow locked in this time and makes Nikki tap out.More headbutts! Bryan gets the best of Ziggler knocking him off the top of the ladder.

Wrestlemania 31 undertaker - 2020-02-24,Wisconsin

And that's what happened, until it didn't.Fatal 4-Way WWE Tag Team Championship Match: WrestleMania.

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