Brussel Sprouts and White Bean Tacos

finalI first had brussel sprouts a little over a year ago. I did not know what I was missing out on. They have become one of my favorite veggies. Thank you to whoever decided to bring them puppies to the forefront. Since then I have tried to incorporate them into lots of tasty dishes. Who knew those little gems are bursting with so much flavor? I love the robust earthy goodness the wonderful brussel sprout brings to the table so why not make tacos with them. So easy to create and even easier to devour. Continue reading

Potato and Pea Samosanadas


Samosas and Empanadas: fraternal twins, long-distance family members or brothas from a different motha? Who knows? But both sure are tasty traditional treats.

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Warm and Fuzzy Comfort Food: Lentil Soup


It is raining.  So naturally soup is in order.  Warm, comforting soup.  Something earthy, spicy, chunky.  Lentil soup is perfect for a cold, rainy night.  The chile flakes offer some heat while the onions and carrots give it a touch of sweetness.  Add cumin and garlic to the mix and you have the perfect soup to dish up.  Ideal when it is raining.  Just curl up on the couch with a bowl full of lentil soup and watch the rain cascade down.  Did I mention it’s raining? Continue reading