Red Tomato Sauce


This is an easy, quick sauce.  A few minutes and you are done.  This flavorful sauce has a great balance of sweetness, spice and just a hint of heat.  It is not meant to be spicy but if the heart desires the heat index can be revved up with just a few more peppers or something spicier, like serranos or even habaneros.  Pour it on enchiladas, tamales, eggs.  You name it it works. Continue reading


Satisfying and Easy Vegan Black Bean, Spinach and Corn Enchiladas


Comfort food.  The best remedy for just about anything.  Have the blues?  Have some comfort food.  Feeling under the weather?  Have some comfort food.  Stressed out?  Have some comfort food. Continue reading

Roasted Green Tomatillo Salsa


Tart tomatillos make for a great salsa.  And a great salsa makes for…just about anything.  Pour it on enchiladas, tamales, tacos, chips.  You name it.  Roasting the ingredients add a great smokiness that can’t be beat. Continue reading