Junk Food Supreme: Colombian Hot Dogs


Late night junk food addicts rejoice.  In Colombia it is normal to scoop up a hot dog late at night to take care of the munchies.  And let’s face it-late night meals are not meant to be healthy.  They are meant to satisfy and keep you going.  You can always be good in the morning.
No one says hot dogs have to be healthy.  So these dogs get topped in a sweet pineapple sauce and a cool, creamy cole slaw.  The traditional ketchup and mustard is added next but then-mind blower.  Crushed up potato chips get added.  Yes. Crushed. Potato. Chips.  Uh-huh.  On top not as a side.  I mean how awesome right?  The end result is this sweet, tangy, creamy, salty, crunchy concoction that fills you up and gets you going to the early hours. Continue reading


Sonoran Hot Dogs


The novelty of the Sonoran-style hot dogs is the bacon.  Oh and the toppings.  The creativity that goes into the toppings is amazing.  You can go as basic as ketchup, mustard, relish or venture into guacamole, beans, grilled onions, mayo and pickled jalapenos.  Pick and choose and see what you like.

So legend has it the Sonoran hot dog was invented to help banish those late-night munchies associated with a great night out.  Vendors would line up the streets with mobilized griddles and cook up loads of bacon-wrapped hot dogs and grilled onions.  Hmmm. Continue reading