Who Says They Don’t Like Cauliflower: Roasted Cauliflower and Poblano Pepper Soup


Growing up one of the soups my mom used to make was a creamy cauliflower soup.  It was good-but not great.  It was one-noted and lacked texture.  So about a year ago I decided to play around with it and came up with a roasted cauliflower soup.  If you think you do not like cauliflower try roasting it.  Continue reading


Deconstructed Chile Rellenos


Can’t say I liked chile rellenos as a kid.  The ones I grew up with were greasy, salty, cheese-filled, egg-enveloped vessel.   I did not learn to appreciate the relleno until I had one, later on in life, in Napa Valley.  It was stuffed with vegetables, dried fruit and nuts and had this great balance of sweet and spice.  Man was it good.  After that I was hooked and started messing around with different ideas for fillings. Continue reading