Looking for a quick and easy breakfast idea?  Molletes are the answer.  They are fast, simple and delicious.  You are basically looking at bread, beans, cheese and salsa heated through to make one scrumptious and portable meal.  Yes, breakfast (or lunch or dinner or snack time) can be this easy.  Slice a roll in half, slather some garlicky beans, top with cheese, watch it become gooey then spoon some salsa on top.  Pretty easy!  Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum. Continue reading


Platanos con Frijoles (Fried Plantains with Refried Beans)


Salvadorians know a thing or two about frying plantains. Man I hate to admit it but frying plantains makes them so good. It really brings out the sweetness and starchiness plantains offer. Add to the dish the creaminess of the beans and you got heaven on a plate. Then for a good tangy kick serve with crema or yogurt. Indulgent. Very. It is definitely an every now and then kind of dish but well worth it. Continue reading