Garlicky Mushroom Pupusas


Yum. Pupusas. Crispy, crunchy pockets of flavor. No wonder Salvadorans (and pretty much everyone else) loves them. The fillings for pupusas are endless. They can be stuffed with veggies, cheese, beans, anything at all. I’ve made a lovely zucchini-stuffed pupusa before. The zucchini gave it a nice sweet touch but this time I am going a little earthier.

This mushroom filling is meant to be very garlicky.  The garlic adds a nice salty kick to the mellow warmth of the mushrooms.  Plus the heartiness of the mushrooms makes for a great meatless filling.

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Platanos con Frijoles (Fried Plantains with Refried Beans)


Salvadorians know a thing or two about frying plantains. Man I hate to admit it but frying plantains makes them so good. It really brings out the sweetness and starchiness plantains offer. Add to the dish the creaminess of the beans and you got heaven on a plate. Then for a good tangy kick serve with crema or yogurt. Indulgent. Very. It is definitely an every now and then kind of dish but well worth it. Continue reading

Zucchini Pupusas and Curtido


As someone who was born and raised in Southern California I know a thing or two about pupusas.  This Salvadorian classic is the gateway of Salvadorian food for most.  Pupusas consist of a thick corn tortilla stuffed with various fillings, including veggies, beans, cheese, and meat, then lightly sautéed on a griddle or hot pan.  Of course it is served next to, what I consider its co-star, curtido- fragrant, pickled cabbage slaw that is nicely used to help cut through the salty, fried goodness that is pupusaland. Continue reading